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Drivers for Saber 2020

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Older version of dirvers for Saber 2020.
This is the 1037.2.1 Driver Setup. You do not need the firmware update (and should not install it unless you are sure that you need it.
This is the latest version of the drivers ONLY. The zip of firmware update has been removed. Even though we wrote that it is only necessary for tuners that were purchased before January 2008 and all the newer cards already have the new firmware, too many people were using it any way. We have also removed the SaberView application (since it made the download large). This driver is to be used with SaberView It can be downloaded seperately If you really think that you need the update, please write : (
The Driver and firmware is procvided with NO WARRANTY. We have had too many cases of customers trying to update the firmware that was already updated. Sometimes this has no affect and sometimes the tuner is screwed up. We removed the firmware update from the download section, but we have had requests from customers who want it, so here it is.If you purchased your card from PcAlchemy you almost certainly have the correct firmware. If you purchased your card in 2008 you almost certainly have the correct firmware. If you update the firmare and screw it up there is no warranty.

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