Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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In the News
Russ Seale–“– “This is an excellent tuner for those wanting a PCI-e based analog OTA or analog cable tuner,and a digital OTA tuner ...I definitely recommend the Saber DA-1N1-E for its good value, ease of installation, and excellent performance"
Sal Prince - "I first tested the analog cable reception and found both the picture and sound quality to be above average compared to other PCI TV Tuner Cards I've used in the past. The Saber card really shines on the over-the-air HDTV broadcasts "
Chris Lanier's Blog - "Overall, I can highly suggest that you take a look at the Saber DA-1N1-I ...For $100, it is hard to go wrong with the Vista View Saber DA-1N1-I. Purchase two of them and be ready to record up to four programs at once.."
Matt Wright - "The Saber DA-1N1-I seems to be a success for Vista View. As expected the analog image quality was on par with the competition,... People looking for a small form factor PCI card should seriously consider the Saber DA-1N1-I."
Dan Ackerman- "If you're looking for a dual analog TV tuner and have an open x1 PCI Express slot, the Vista View Saber 2020 offers the best image quality we've seen."
Matt Wright- Saber 2020 Preview -" The Saber 2020 has excellent image quality based on the test patterns and stands toe-to-toe with the best the industry has to offer."
Jeremy Meachem - "For anyone looking to upgrade their Media Center PC or are looking to buy a pre-built Media Center with Dual Tuner Support should look no further."

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