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Tuner Cards arrow Saber DA-1N1-E PCIe x1 Combo Tuner Card

Saber DA-1N1-E PCIe x1 Combo Tuner Card

Price per Unit (piece): $99.00
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1

The Saber DA-1N1-E works with Vista Media Center, XP-MCE and other third party media applications.  No application software is included.

Analog TV with Advanced Hardware Encoding gives you the finest picture without slowing your PC down.  The Saber DA-1N1-E™ ‘s hardware encoder does all the hard work so your computers CPU remains free for other uses.  The Saber DA-1N1-E™ encoder is the industries finest, providing a much clearer and color true picture.  The improvement in the picture quality over competing last generation tuner cards is striking.  Accepts analog input from RF antenna, S-Video and Composite Video.

HDTV (ATSC) Tuner lets you watch OTA HDTV .  Turns your computer to a digital PVR. Watch and record OTA HDTV.  Supports all ATSC standards including 1080p.  Get broadcast movies and sporting events in the highest quality available.  The ATSC hardware is QAM capable.  Software support from Microsoft is expected in the next release of Vista.

The PCIe (PCI express) bus ensures video quality.  With PCIe other cards in the computer can not interfere with the video transport to the computer.  Since the tuner gets a dedicated channel to the CPU, other cards can not interfere by ‘stealing’ bus cycles.

Easy installation of drivers.
The Saber DA-1N1-E™ comes with Microsoft Vista and MCE certified BDA drivers, which work flawlessly with Microsoft® Vista.

This combination of features makes the Vista View ™ Saber DA-1N1-E ™ the TV tuner card of choice for both novices and power users.  The drivers support multiple cards so you can install 2 cards for power users who want a dual digital/ dual analog system.

The onboard video encoder means that you can use older computers with XP and leading software packages to provide all the capabilities of the newer Media Center computers.

Key Features:    

•    2 tuners – HDTV (ATSC) and NTSC with hardware encoding.
•    Hardware encoding with ViXS’ XCode II video processor with 3D Comb filtering
•    Microsoft Vista® Ultimate  and XP MCE certified drivers.
•    x1  PCIe Card.  Reduces bus conflicts
•    HDTV support for entire range of ATSC standard including 1080p
•    Analog TV Encoding up to Full D1 quality  (720x 480 NTSC)
•    FCC, CE, EN55020 Certified.

Minimum System Requirements:

•    CPU: 1 GHz or faster
•    RAM: 256 MB minimum
•    Microsoft XP (SP2) XP-MCE or Vista Operating System
•    VGA card with 64MB RAM and full hardware DirectX 9.0c support
•    DirectX 9.0c or higher installed
•    MPEG-2 decoder software installed and enabled (for play back)
•    AC3 Audio decoder software installed and enabled (for play back)
•    Available x1 PCIe slot
•    HDTV Antenna (for ATSC reception)
•    TV Antenna or Cable TV S-Video or Composite connection (for NTSC reception).

Package Contents:
•    Saber DA-1N1-E Combo Analog/Digital Low Profile PCI TV Tuner Card
•    S-Video to Composite adaptor
•    Quick Installation Guide
•    Saber DA-1N1-E drivers.


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